Conditions for the accommodation

  • Vet check (not necessary direct after a vaccination) maybe we have to give a deworming and/or deflea medicine
  • Valid vaccination against cat’s flu, cat’s epidemic, cats leucosis, and if your cat goes out also against rabies
  • Male cats after the 5th month and female cats after the 6th month have to be castrated on arrival
  • Information about idiosyncrasies and diseases
  • Because of the animal welfare, the owner of the cat had to agrees, that we are allowed to tread the animal with medication, in case of disease or even to put it down, if the disease is incurable and the cat struggles to much. We do not need a special order and the owner had to pay the costs of the tread. (Therefore we always need a phone number, to reach the owner.)

Prior to cats being boarded, they will be examined for possible parasites or illnesses. The weight is also taken, so that we know if they eat less.
If the cat needs medications due to any illness, we will provide them anything they need. (a minimal charge will be added).
Since there is a veterinarian’s practice on the first floor, all cats can be treated expertly in case of unforeseen illness. (Before boarding with us we will discuss further, if you are interested).